informative X task-oriented

chat information seeking chat: user give ambiguous statement information seeking dialogue


conversational UX

  • buzz word
  • trust

the most successful UX is one that learns to act dumb


  • DM needs to anticipate all posisible user inputs and conditions
  • Finite State Machine …
  • user critises it as too rigid

domain indep. + platform

cross-domain abstraction

frame-based: slot filling

not all actions can be implemented as frames: shopping, trouble shooting

W3C: VoiceXML 2.0

Agenda-based DM (Bohus & Rudnicky 2005), rule-based

Non-statistical domain indep. DM is still active: Ontology-based DM (Wessel et al. 2017)

stat. methods

Generalization to unenumerable slot types(domain-specific) & cross-domain

POMDP, Young 2013

RL problems

  • reward functions choice need expertise knowledge
  • scalability & training difficulty
  • to implement user simulators is hard
  • evaluation need real user
  • dev. refuse to give up control

Eric 2017 key value DM